Simplify your personal information storage & estate planning

Keep all of your most important information in one single location.

Capture and cherish your child's milestones and memories

Keep track of your child’s milestones and memories with the Org Box Kid Workbook. Allowing you to write down all the details of your child’s milestones from birth to 18 years of age.

Simplify your organization

With Org Box, never lose a personal document again or worry about your family not knowing where all of your information is stored.

Both the Org Box and Org Box Kid Box save time and space. I find that they keep things from getting cluttered around the house as we now have a proper storage solution for all of our documents and kids keepsakes. We didn't have to spend hours coming up with what labels we needed, how many folders, etc. We just received the Org Box and immediately could start organizing, it was that simple!

Give the Gift of Organization

For New Families

For Your Parent

For New Homeowners

All of your documents, one secure box

Keep all of your most important information in one single location, from online accounts like 401ks and mortgages, to vehicle information and more!

Easy to use system

Feel at ease knowing everything is stored in one place so your family can easily find everything if something were to happen to you.