Anyone else drowning in piles of their children’s artwork?

As a parent, you want to encourage your children to be creative. It’s wonderful to see their personalities shine and watch them have fun as they create. Painting, drawing, coloring - whatever it is, you’re happy to encourage it and display it

Until you have so much artwork that you can no longer see the fridge! In fact, it’s beginning to look more like a cluttered gallery than a sweet artwork display.

The question becomes, how do we take care of all this art?

Because your kids will keep creating and you will keep displaying and saving. But also, you need your fridge back.

It’s time to find a way to store that art - and there are a few methods you can try.

"Help! I can’t throw away my kid's artwork!"

You don’t want to throw your child's artwork in the trash. And you know that even if you did, they would find it, yell at you, and then you’d feel like a horrible parent. Throwing artwork away is not an option … unless you’re sneaky.

But you love that your child is creative and you want to keep encouraging that.

So what’s the solution?

Declutter, display, and save.

First, declutter and organize their art. Second, display some of it in creative ways. Third, save the extra special pieces as keepsakes for your children.

But the first step needs to be organizing. The end of the school year is a great time to do this. Store your children’s artwork in a box that you can sort through at the end of the year and have them help.

Choose some of their favorites to put on the fridge. Let your child help pick the special pieces to have as keepsakes.
Now you’ve got the organization done and you’re ready to store your children’s artwork. But how?

Keep reading to get a few great ideas on how you do it.

1. Digitize Your Children’s Artwork

Wondering what it means to digitize your children’s artwork?

It’s the process of converting physical artwork, like paintings and drawings, into digital form.
If you’re into tech, this might be a great option for you. Digitizing your child’s artwork is a great way to preserve their creations for the long haul. When you create digital copies of your children's artwork, you can store, share and organize them without taking up any space in your house. Plus, it keeps them safe from getting wrinkled, ripped, or spilled on.

And once it’s digitized, there are a lot of options for what to do with it.

You can display artwork on digital frames or send the photos to family and friends so they can enjoy your child's creativity too. You can even print one of your favorite pieces on a mug or pillow.

If this sounds right up your alley, we have two methods you might want to try. Check out how Aimee, The Crazy Craft Lady, digitizes her photos, or take a look at Courtney’s method here.

2. Create A Scrapbook

If you’re more of the creative, crafty type then this is another great option for storing artwork. It can be a time-consuming option but if you include your child in the process, it’s a great way to spend your time.

Start a new scrapbook for each year and fill it up as the year progresses. Or make a collection of your child’s art and turn it into a summer project.

This is a great way to store your children’s artwork and have a keepsake for years to come.

Keeping their artwork in a scrapbook keeps the art safe from grimy hands and leaking water bottles. Your children will love flipping through the pages, remembering what they made and how they made it. And when the grandparents come to visit you can pull out the scrapbook and share your child’s creativity.

If you want to add more detail or personalization, you can also write captions, titles, or stories. 

3. Create An Art Gallery Wall

This one might need a little handiness and a hammer but I bet you could manage it.

Your children work hard on their artwork. Their little hands and minds are creating pieces that might not look like much, but have a lot of meaning to them. So why not let them know you’re proud of them and you value their hard work?

Creating an art gallery wall allows you to proudly display your favorite pieces while keeping the front of your fridge clean. You can switch out the art, and keep your artwork wall updated as your kids bring home new creations.

An art gallery wall can be as simple as a group of picture frames hung together to put their artwork in. Another great method is to hang a piece of wire along an empty wall and attach clothespins to it. Then your children can hang up their favorite pieces, move them around and easily swap the artwork out.

Set up a time once a week or once a month when you can sort through the artwork and switch it up.

4. Use Art Portfolios

An art portfolio is a specific storage solution for art. Usually, it’s a large, plastic folder or binder with pockets and sleeves to store artwork. Art portfolios come in many sizes, colors, and materials. They store a variety of artwork, including paintings, sketches, and drawings.

Art portfolios are a great way for you to store your children’s artwork. They keep the art safe from damage, while still providing a convenient way to share their art with others. It’s easy to organize your portfolio and pull out pieces you want to share with others when they come over to visit.

If you’re wondering how to create and use a portfolio, we’ve got some ideas for you. You can follow Stephanie’s tutorial and make a DIY portfolio for your child. If you’d rather buy one, Amazon has a great assortment of portfolios.

5. Org Box Kid Box

For many of us parents, simpler is better. We want organization and convenience when it comes to storing artwork. The thought of creating a wall or crafting a DIY portfolio isn’t in our wheelhouse. And while digitizing sounds great, it’s time-consuming. 
The Org Box Kid Box keeps it simple and easy. Lots of parents already keep their child’s artwork in a box. But what starts out as a great storage solution turns into an organizational nightmare. 
The Org Box Kid Box allows you to keep your child's artwork in a box while keeping it organized.
Each child has their own box, with folders for photos, report cards, art, and personal documents. It couldn’t be any simpler than to open the box, find the arts and crafts folder, and slip the artwork in. That way when Nana comes to visit, it’s easy to grab the folder and show off your child’s art.

This box allows for years of artwork to be stored and someday when your child is on their own, it’s a great keepsake. Gift them the box and they can show their children what they created at all different ages in their life. Grab an Org Box Kid Box for each child here.


There are a lot of ways to store your children’s artwork without cluttering up the fridge!

By finding a storage solution that works best for you and your family, you can keep the art that matters most, while keeping your house clutter-free.

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